Small-sized Tracked Mobile Robot Unmanned Ground Vehicle

BUNKER Mini is a small-size, off-road, and industrial-leading IP67 protection tracked mobile robot chassis for challenging and narrow working environments. It can effectively prevent the ingress of sand, dust, and water. With outstanding off-road performance in small spaces both indoors and outdoor, it offers industry developers a better platform to deploy robotic applications such as waterway surveying and mapping, mineral exploration, pipeline inspection, security inspection, unconventional photographing, special transportation, etc.


Expandable Load to Support Rapid Secondary Development

BUNKER Mini can easily integrate third-party sensors, IMU, and more in need to quickly build the robotics applications through the CAN protocol, as well as easy to access power from BUNKER Mini. Also, we provide rich open-source SDK and ROS_PACKAGE.


Small size with heavy loading capacity

The BUNKER Mini adopts a simplified modular structure to achieve a super compact size (660 x 584 x 281mm), yet an impressive maximum payload of 25kg, ready to be loaded with all kinds of inspection equipment and pick-and-place manipulators.


Capable of Tough Terrain and Small Space Operation

Benefiting from a compact-sized body, strong off-road climbing, and the on-site zero turn function, the BUNKER Mini has largely extended the special applications of robots, such as detection, security, inspection, unconventional photographing, special transportation, surveying, mapping, etc. in small spaces and tough terrains, including waterways, mines, pipelines, box culverts, power stations, field computer rooms, etc.


Dimensions (L x Wx H)660 x 584 x 281mmExternal Power Supply24V/15A
Height65.55mmPower Drive

Left and right independent drive

Track-type differential steering

Track width100mmMotor250W*2 (Brushed DC Motor)
Weight54.8kgRated Torque


Maximum Payload25kgCode Wheel1024 Line Magnetic Encoder
Max Speed0~5.4km/hCommunication InterfaceCAN
Climbing Ability30°Protection LevelIP67
Minimum Turning Radius0mBattery24V/30A Lithium Battery
Obstacle Surmounting Capacity115mmChargerAC220V Charger
Operating Temperature-20°C~60°CCharging Time3~4 Hours


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