TRACER Mini is an all-around industrial UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle). As a multi-functional modular mobile robot development platform for industrial applications with a modular and intelligent design concept, it has a wide of applications with strong capacity and strong power systems. The combination of the two-wheel difference and hub motor makes it possible to move flexibly indoors. A stereo camera, lidar, GPS, IMU, manipulator, and other equipment can be optionally added to TRACER Mini as an extended application. TRACER Mini can be applied to unmanned inspection, scientific research, logistics, and other fields.



Performance Parameters
Mechanical ParametersL x W x H

400 mm x 400 mm x 194 mm

Wheelbase269 mm
Vehicle body weight24 ~ 28 kg
Battery TypeLithium Battery 24 V 15Ah
MotorDC Brushless 2 x 150W
Drive FormIndependent Drive
Suspension FormSwing Arm Independent Suspension
SteeringDifferential Steering
Safety EquipmentServo Brake / Bumper
Performance ParametersIdling Maximum Speed1.8 m/s
Minimum Turning RadiusCan turn in place
Code Wheel Parameters1024 Line
Minimum Ground Clearance30 mm
Maximum Gradeability8°
Control ParametersControl ModeRemote Control Command Mode
Remote Control2.4G / Critical Distance 200 m
Communication InterfaceCAN


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